Honolulu Mural from OG Slick

Another View of Paradise. OG Slick’s mural, titled “Can’t Save the Queen,” captures the continuing politics of colonialism in contemporary Hawai’i — politics that were top of mind for the teens in Jacked Up and Unjust.

To see the words of Queen Lili’oukalani’s protest letter to President McKinley, June 7, 1897:  http://libweb.hawaii.edu/digicoll/annexation/protest/liliu5.html

More about Honolulu murals and Slick’s art: http://www.streetartnews.net/2015/02/pow-wow-hawaii-15-og-slick-2016-01-16 16.53.47creates-new.html

Thanks to Slick for permission to use his mural for Jacked Up and Unjust. Photo credit belongs to Brandon Shigeta.


About jackedupandunjust

I am a Professor of Sociology at the University of Hawaii, Manoa who arrived to the academic world through an unusual route. My father–who spent five years in prison for armed robbery—taught me, first, that human beings are more than the sum total of the worst mistakes that they have made in their lives and, second, that we can not cure the problem of violence through retributive punishments and imprisonment. Changing people’s lives requires complex solutions, and I have dedicated my research and life to finding humane and effective ways to curb interpersonal violence and provide opportunities for individuals to engage in conventional society. Jacked Up and Unjust, coauthored with Karen Umemoto, is my second book. I have also published numerous academic journal articles regarding youth violence prevention, ethnographic methods, inequalities and delinquency, and youth culture. I am also dedicated to building culturally respectful, gender responsive, and non-punitive delinquency prevention programs for public school students.
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