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Stay tuned to this page as Katy and Karen prepare reading guides, questions, and study materials to help students understand and apply the concepts, theories, and main findings revealed in Jacked Up and Unjust.

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Questions for Chapter 5: How does the sentiment in the prayer flag hung at Seaside High School compare with the boys quoted in Chapter 5, many of whom who were concerned about preserving racial justice and and a balance of power in their communities and schools?  How might the sentiment in the flag be interpreted by boys who feel that the U.S. system is racist, unjust, and “jacked up?”

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Question for Chapters 3 and 4: Above is an art project for the Lunch Bunch girls about friendships. Using magazines and their own imaginations, they were asked build collages depicting what friendship means to them. Some said that they enjoy food with friends, others noted that pets are their friends, a few said that they like to shop with friends and to have fun.

In what ways did these magazines help them to imagine healthy friendships? In what ways did the magazines not help them to imagine healthy, supportive friendships?

Is there any evidence of what Irwin and Umemoto discuss in Chapter 1 about racialization and hegemonic femininity pictured in these collages? Did the girls challenge racialized and hegemonic femininity in their images? If so, in what ways?