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Peacemaking in Troubled Times: Worry Dolls

What can teens teach us about peacemaking in troubled times? Last month, the lunch-bunch girls made dolls. The idea was for teens to tell their worries to the dolls. The dolls will carry the burden of their worries for them. … Continue reading

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Girls’ Creativity and Empowerment

The girls’ group prepare items to sell at the co-op, with all profits going to girls’ empowerment programs in the community. Riding the wave of innovation, the girls dressed up their lunch. Better than sriracha?

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Lo’i Fields: What are they?

A place to practice aloha ‘aina (care for the land)? A place of healing? A place for farming? Cannot be expressed in words?

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Peacemaking in Chaotic Times

Teens’ and teachers’ strategies for managing stress: 1) host a yoga day at school; 2) give thanks to others.

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What can teens teach us about peace?

Make a happy space on your wall. 1) Log your own stress level 0-10. 2) Draw a picture of the most beautiful place you know. How is your stress now?

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Combating Constructions of Teen Violence: Civil Beat Article

Contribute to the discussion about youth violence, non-punitive approaches to teen violence, and media representations by making a comment on Hawai’i’s Civil Beat.

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What is depression?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 11% of young people experience depression before turning 18. This is what lunch bunch teens had to say about depression. Are anxiety and depression related? Are students more likely to say that … Continue reading

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What can you do about depression and anxiety?

When asked about what they do to feel better, students said:  What do the students in your life do when they are anxious and stressed? How important is it to let young people talk about negative feelings?

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UC Riverside Book Talk, Wed. Feb 1st

11:00-1pm: INTS Room 1128

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Los Angeles Book Tour

UCLA Talk, January 30th

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